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February 18, 2009 to Infinity and Beyond! ~ My PSP Work Page 4

PSP Artist That Allow: NOTES
to make a © go to the number pad and holding down the alt key press 0169 then release alt
if I put © and their name, I can put tagged by or by Marcia to the side or underneath, but not above.

free tubes and posers here

BeachsideLegs : http://www.psptubedepot.com/artists/atod/beachsidelegs.htm
Ace Animation ©Aceanimation http://photoimpactpixels1.com/Aceanimation/Aceanimation.html
Adam Braun ©Adam Braun www.adambraunart.com
Adam Byrne ©Adam Byrne http://www.burncomics.com/
©Adiene (Krista Holewinske) http://adiene.deviantart.com General Permission
©Akif Hakan Celebi http://hakanphotography.com General Permission
Alan Ayers ©Alan Ayers http://www.alanayers.com
Alan Rabinowitz ©Alan Rabinowitz http://www.fantasy-illustration.com/
Alan Stevens ©Alan Stevens http://www.bwcreek.com
©Amanda Penrose http://amanda.dd.com.au General Permission
Amberly Berendson ©Amberly Berendson http://harpyqueen.deviantart.com/
Ana Rasha ©Ana Rasha http://anarasha.deviantart.com/
Angie© http://posersworld.blogspot.com/
http://www.posertubes.com/psptubeindex.html Art © Anita Lee Creations http://www.posertubes.com/
©Angstorm http://angstorm.com General Permission
Anne Stokes aka Ironshod © Anne Stokes http://www.annestokes.com/
Annika Smidt ©Annika Smidt http://www.apfelkeks.de/
Arwen Bush © Arwen Bush www.arwenart.com
Aurore Demilly ©Aurore Demilly http://auroreblackcat.free.fr/
AusPosers ©AusPosers http://www.ausposers.com/
Ayumi K ©AyumiK http://aymk.net/
Azurylipfe ©Azurylipfe http://azurylipfe.deviantart.com
© Batschis Poser-Design http://www.batschi.net.tc/tubenstart.htm *Cant use firefox to see this site
Beverley Lu Artwork©Beverley Lu www.beverleylu.com
©Bez Boardman www.renderosity.com/mod/gallery/browse.php?username=Bez
Black Diamond Fantasy (posers) ©BlackDiamondFantasy http://www.blackdiamondfantasy.com/
Carol Heyer ©Carol Heyer www.carolheyer.com
Carol Moore ©Carol Moore http://www.mooresartgallery.com
Charlene Chua ©Charlene Chua http://www.charlenechua.com/
Cheryl Austin ©Cheryl Austin www.studiodink.com
Christy Grandjean ©Goldenwolf www.goldenwolfen.com
Cliff Bonamie ©Cliff Bonamie http://bonamiestudios.com/
Creddy Bears ©Creo http://www.creographix.at/
Cris Ortega ©Cris Ortega www.crisortega.com
© Ama http://coloringmyworld.biz/
Dark Natasha ©Dark Natasha http://www.darknatasha.com/
David Stribbling ©David Stribbling www.davidstribbling.com
Deborah-Anne Woods © Deborah-Anne Woods www.deborah-anne.com
Denise Garner ©Denise Garner http://www.towerwindow.com
Denton Lund ©Denton Lund http://www.dentonlund.com
Der Hase ©Hase www.ne.jp/asahi/hase/hp/
Dhella Rouat ©Dhella Rouat
Doodle Muffin (posers) ©LynneG http://doodlemuffin.aimoo.com/
Enchanted Black Rose ©Enchanted Black Rose http://enchanted-black-rose.deviantart.com/
Ericka Baque ©Ericka Baque www.erickabaque.com
© FantasyMoments http://fantasymoments-scraps.blogspot.com/
Fiona Anderson ©Fiona Anderson http://www.petalert.com.au/fma/index.html
Gerda © Designs by Gerda http://gertiedesposer.ge.funpic.de/
Gregory J Griffin ©Gregory J Griffin http://griff13.deviantart.com
Hellonlegs ©Hellonlegs http://www.freewebs.com/hellonegs/index.htm
Hitana http://hitana.deviantart.com//
Hito76 ©Hito76
Hyung Jun Kim ©Hyung Jun Kim http://www.kjun.org/
Ina Spicer ©Ina Spicer www.courtingthemuse.com
© Itazura http://www.itazura.org/index.
Izabela Bzymek ©Izabela Bzymek http://faeriesarereal.com/
Jakob Kramer ©Jakob Kramer http://www.jakobkramer.dk
James Browne ©JamesBrowne www.jamesbrowne.com
Jeff Lyons ©Jeff Lyons www.lyonsart.com
Johanna Pieterman © Johanna Pieterman http://www.johannas-art.com/
John D Moulton ©John D Moulton www.johndmoulton.com
Jonas Nelson ©JonasNelson
Jonathon Earl Bowser ©Jonathon Earl Bowser www.jonathonart.com
Josephine Wall ©Josephine Wall http://www.josephinewall.co.uk/
Kathy 100 ©Kathy 100 http://kathy100.com
Katra O'Dell ©Katra O`Dell www.katra.co.uk/KO-nceptions/
Kelly Johnson aka Gweyeni ©Kelly Johnson http://gweyeni.deviantart.com
Ken Martin ©Ken Martin www.artofkenmartin.com
Kimberly Crick ©Kimberly Crick www.EnchantedGal.com
Kordelia (c) Katarzyna Koleta | katarzynakoleta www.kordelia.deviantart.com
Koshini (Poser) ©Koshini http://www.koshini.com/
Kylie InGold ©Kylie InGold http://www.kylieingold.com
Lassie`s Designs (Poser) ©Lassie`s Designs www.lassiesdesigns.com
Laura Nicolodi ©Laura Nicolodi http://www.jpergrafando.it/index.htm
Layanna ©Layanna http://layanna.deviantart.com/
LeeAnn Seed ©Lee Anne Seed www.leeanneseedillustrations.com
Linda M Heller ©Linda M Heller http://linmheller.com
Lindsay Archer ©Lindsay Archer www.lindsayarcher.com
Lisa Eakin ©Lisa Eakin http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/art/l/i/lisaeakin/
Lola Palacios ©Lola Palacios http://www.lolaart.net/
Lorine Pimenta ©Lorine Pimenta www.LorineArt.com
Manon Yapari ©Manon Yapari
Maria van Bruggen © Maria van Bruggen www.elfies-world.com
Marie Lu ©Marie Lu http://www.marie-lu.com
Michael Szyksznian ©Michal Szyksznian
Michelle Parker ©Michelle Parker http://www.knotwyrks.com
Mitch Foust ©Mitch Foust www.mitchfoust.com
Montserrat ©Montserrat http://www.thesacredfeminine.com
Natascha Roeoesli ©Natascha Roeoesli www.tascha.ch/
Nene Thomas ©Nene Thomas http://www.nenethomas.com
Nick Deligaris ©Nick Deligaris http://deligaris.deviantart.com/
Nisharda ©Nisharda http://nisharda.deviantart.com/
Norma Peters © Norma Peters www.tangled-dreams.com
Ora Moon © Ora Moon http://www.orafaerygirl.deviantart.com/
Posers © Outlaw by Design http://www.outlawbydesign.com/
Pamela Ramali ©Pamela Ramali http://www.apsylus.com/
Pittis Grafikwolke ©Pittis Grafikwolke http://www.pittisgrafikwolke.de/
Popeye Wong ©Popeye Wong www.popeyewong.com
Psyco © PsycoJimi http://psycojimi.deviantart.com/
Pu-Sama ©Pu-Sama
Queen Uriel http://queen-uriel.deviantart.com/ *EMAIL 1st queenuriel@gmail.com
Ratanga © Ratanga http://ratanga.yuku.com
©Ragen Mendenhall ~ http://ragensart.com
Rob Carlos © Rob Carlos http://www.colorsmith.com/Tags.htm
Rowena Morrill ©Rowena Morrill www.rowenaart.com
Sara Moon ©Sara Moon http://www.sara-moon.com/
Saturn Alice © Rosalys http://www.rosalys.net/
Sava Tanev aka tuxedomoon ©SavaTanev http://tuxedomoon.deviantart.com/gallery/
Scarlet Gothica © Scarlet Gothica www.scarletgothica.com
Schim Schimmel © Schim Schimmel www.schimmelsmith.com
Sharon George © Sharon George http://www.fantasy-goddess-art.com
Sheila Craig © Sheila Craig http://voodoo4u2nv.deviantart.com/
Shirley Barber © Shirley Barber www.shirleybarbers.com
Sita Atis © Sita Atis http://www.geocities.com/sita.a
Stellarfairie © Stellarfairie Designs @DA http://www.stellarfairie.deviantart.com/
Stephanie Brown © Stephanie Brown http://orchidmage.deviantart.com/
Stephanie Shimerdla © Stephanie Shimerdla http://www.rainne.com/
Suzanne Gyseman ©Suzanne Gyseman www.suzannegyseman.co.uk
© SweetDreams Digital http://www.sweetdreamsdigital.com/index.html
© Tanja's Posers http://www.tanjas-gifbildli.ch/tubes/
© TataLinn Designs http://hem.passagen.se/tldesigns/index.htm
Thitaya Pahsukkul © Paeng www.colorjuice.net
Tubin Taterbug © Tubin Taterbug *no website listed
***Ultimate Fantay Designs (Posers) © UFD http://ufdesigns.com/
©vampsart.com http://vampsart.com/psptubes.htm
Vanilla Gio © Vanilla Gio http://vanillagio.deviantart.com/
Viki Floki © Viki Floki www.vikifloki.deviantart.com
Viviane ©Art by Viviane http://www.viviane.ch/
Wednesday Law © Wednesday Law http://www.eyeburst.net
Wen-Xi Chen © Wen-Xi Chen www.acidlullaby.net **General Permission**
Yen Bui ©Yen Bui http://www.yenbui.com/
Zindy S. D. Nielsen ©Zindy S. D. Nielsen http://zindy.zone.dk zzt free art

Page 3 :My PSP Work

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All material is ® and © by their respected owners. All rights reserved by the respected owners. Use of copyrighted. And trademarked material is for entertainment purposes only; no infringement on the original copyrights or trademarks held by the respected owners is intended or should be inferred.