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4 Jobs I've Had In My Life?
# 1: Light Bookkeepist
# 2: Train Arm Operator
# 3: Receptionist
# 4: Shift Manager

Name 23 Plus : Movies I Would Watch Over and Over again:
Just The Way You Are w/ Kristy Mc Nichol in it.
Somewhere In Time w/ Christopher Reave in it.
Sound Of Music w/ Julie Andrews in it.
PLUS All Harry Potter Movies.
PLUS All Shirley Temple Movies.
PLUS All Disney Movies.
7 Faces Of Dr. Loa
One On One w/ Robby Benson
Oxford Blues w/ Rob Lowe
Pretty Woman w/Richard Gere & Julia Roberts
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
Thursday's Child w/Rob Lowe
Boy In The Plastic Bubble w/ John Trivolta
Paper Chase "The Original"
Paper Moon
Space Camp
The Night They Saved Christmas starring Jacklyn Smith!
If You Can See What I Can Hear!
TAPS starring Tom Cruise & Timmothy Bottoms!
Mrs. Santa Clause starring Angela Landsbury!

4 Places I've Lived In
San Antonio, Texas
Wimberly, Texas
The Hospital

9 TV Shows That I Watch Currently:
Grey's Anatomy
Amazing Race
Big Brother
Private Practice
Miami Medical
Three Rivers
NCIS : Los Angelas
Storage Wars

4 TV Shows That I Watched In My Past
Life Goes On
21 Jump Street
Beverly Hills 90210

5 TV Game Shows "ALL TIME" That I Enjoy Watching
Bumper Stumpers
Jokers Wild
The Wammy, Press Your Luck!
Wheel Of Fortune

7 Places That I Have Been To:
# 1: Florida : Walt Disney World x2
# 2: Vermont
# 3: Pennsylvania : Hershey and Lancaster
# 4: California : San Diego
# 5: California : Walt Disney Land x1
# 6: California Adventures x 1
# 7: Disney Cruise : Cozumel ~ Costa Maya ~ Grand Cayman

2 Names You Go By:

4 Of Your Favorite Things To Do:
Work on my Websites
Work on my Blogs
Watch Dvds and listen to Music
Do Counted-Cross-Stitch

4 Favorite Beverages
Carrot Juice
Chai "Frozen, Cold or Hot"
Mexican Chochotlet
Chocolate Milk

A Few Things About Me You May Not Have Known:
I live with my dad.
I'm in a wheelchair.
I'm A Morning Person.
I'm afraid to be alone.
I don't drive anymore. But I used to drive a van.
I Love Roses and Wildflowers!
I love Wheelchair Tennis!

More About Myself
Favorite Liquor Drink:
Buttery Nipple : Butterscotch Schnapps and Baileys
Cinnamon Schnapps
Colorado Bulldog

Favorite Regular Drink:
Chai "Hot/Cold/Freezed"
Mexican Chochotlet
Vannilla Bean Frappaccino
Pumpkin Frappacinno
Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper
All HEB Flavored Waters
All Walmart Flavored Waters
All Cascade Ice Flavored Waters

You are sensitive, emotional, and capable of great love.
However, you have a tendency to get carried away
and be stubborn about what you think is right; often seen as a "Hothead" or rebel.
Your sign shows you would be excellent as a boss, explorer, race car driver, or matador.

What is your favorite 5 TV Shows? :
Amazing Race, Grey's Anatomy, Three Rivers, Big Brother and NCIS.

What is your favorite Sandwich? :
Garlic Herb Foccacia Bread
Honey Wheatberry Bread with Turkey, Swiss, Black Olives and Mayo.

What is your favorite Flower? :
Roses, Bluebonnets, Fire-Wheel, Indian Paintbrush, Stock, Snap-Dragons and Larkspur.

What is your favorite Candy, Dessert, Cake and Candybar? :
Candy: Red Hots or Butterscotch Discs or Creme Savers or Receptionist Sticks or Ginger Drops.
Dessert: Tarramisu or Creme Brulee.
Cakes: Red Velvet or Italian Wedding or Tres Leches cake.
Candybar: Flake and Flake Noir, Zero, Skor, Hersheys Special Dark Chocolate or Butterfinger or Fast Break or Peanut Butter Cups.

What is your favorite day of the week? :

Are you a morning person, or a night owl? :
Night owl. 4am to morning sometimes.
Otherwise, I sleep till 8:30am.
So maybe I'm a Morning Person.

What is your favorite music? :
Ragtime to Christmas to Country to Oldies to Instrumental.

What books have you read? :
Books Series 1 to 7 of Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling.
Inkheart by Cornelia Funke.
Pendragon: The Merchant Of Death by McHale.
Pendragon: The Lost City Of Faar by McHale.
Pendragon: The Never War by McHale.
Spiderwick Chronicles: The Seeing Stone by Dielittzer & Black
Spiderwick Chronicles: The Field Guide by Dielittzer & Black
Harry Potter & Film Wizardry by Collins Design
Disney World Holiday Magic 2012

What books are you reading? :
Inkspell by Cornelia Funke.
Pendragon: The Reality Bug Book 4 by McHale .
Spiderwick Chronicles by Dielittzer & Black: Book 3/4/5.
Journey Of Drekmore by Rebecca Evans Book 1.
Harry Potter & Page To Screen by Mc Cabe.
How To Be Happy by P. Seymore.
Disneyworld Christmas Magic
Essential Oils

What books will you in the future be reading? :
Zareth by Rebecca Evans Book 2.
J.R.R. Tolken Series of the Lord Of The Rings.
Series of the Chronicles Of Narnia.
Cornelia Funke Books: "The Theif Lord"
Cornelia Funke Books: "Dragon Rider".
Cornelia Funke Books: "When Santa Fell To Earth".
Cornelia Funke Books: "Ink Death".
Cornelia Funke Books: "Igraine, The Brave".
McHale Books : Series 5 to 10 of Pendragon.
McHale Books : Series 1 to 3 of Pendragon Travels.
Spiderwick Chronicles : Travelers Series 1 to 5 by Dielittzer & Black

What is on your mousepad? :
I have 3 of them~ But one I can't seem to find! ?
A Monopoly game and Walt Disney and a Blue Raindrops .

What is your favorite Board Game, Video Game and Online Game? :
Board: Monopoly or Trivia Pursuit.
Board: Harry Potter Clue Game.
Video: Crystal Castles, Burger Time, Millapede, Trivia of anykind.
Online: Tetris, Mahjong, Trivia, Chains2, Burger Rush, Jigsaw Puzzles,
Online: Food O'Stand, Flower Shop, Collapse 3, Chuzzles Deluxe,Lucky Charm Deluxe.

Favorite Magazine? :
Used to be Disney News and Chocolet. "Both: are discontinued"
Used to be Robb Report and Disney Adventures.
Used to beEveryday With Racheal Ray
Now is D23 "Disney 23" and Kraft Food & Living.

Magazine I Want In My Name?
Disney 23 or D23 "but it cost $15.95 each issue"
Disney's Laughing Tales "but it cost $40.00 each issue"
Disney Girls

What is your favorite sound? :
A Baby or Christmas Music.

What is your favorite smell?
Fresh Flowers
Brand New Baby
Rainbow Weather or Rain

What is the worst feeling in the world? :
Having the "Voices" and Halucinations come back.
On an accident....hurting one of my closest friends.

What is the best feeling in the world? :
Having friends.
And being alive to daydream.

What is your favorite Color? :
Bright Zicon Blue, Brick Red, Snow White, Pacman Yellow, Forest Bright Green.

What is your favorite food ?
In my Past : Italian Penne Pasta ~ Sesame Chicken.
Now: Walnut Chicken ~ Curry Chicken ~ BBQ Turkey ~ Indian Food.

What is your favorite sport to watch? :
Tennis and Wheelchair Sports and Karate.

What is your favorite dried food? :
Napolean Ice Cream and Pizza.

What is your favorite Ice Cream?
Creamy Creations Pumpkin
Creamy Creations Eggnog
Creamy Creations Cookies & Cream
Brendles Geleta : Candied Ginger
Brendles Geleta : Cardimon
Ben & Jerry's Mission Marzapan
Ben & Jerry's Peanut-butter Cup
Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia
Hagndaz Creme' Brulee'

What is your favorite time of day and night? :
9am and 7pm.

Do you own stuff animals? :

What stuff animals do you have?
Hedwig the owl
A Penguin
A Vermont Moose
Seal Of Approval
Puppy Love
Kitty Purr
Mickey Mouse "Big and Tiny"
An Orange & Black Dragon

What is your favorite Cuisine?
Chinese or Indian or Italian food.

If you could go on vacation, Where in the world would you go?
Walt Disney World for my 3rd time :hopefully at Christmas time this time.
San Diego California for my 2nd time.
Vermont for my 2nd time. "Did".
To Go to Vermont for my 3rd time.
Ireland or Switzerland for my 1st time.

Are you a morning or night person?
A Morning person.

What is your Favorite Resturant?
Rudy's BBQ : for their Turkey and Creamed Corn.
Rome's Pizza : for their Spinach Lasagna.
PF Changs: Spicy Almond Cashew Chicken.
Formosa Gardens : Walnut Chicken.
The Melting Pot : Chocolate & Peanut-butter Fondue.

If you could meet someone famous, Who would it be?
Lindsay Wagner or Reba McEntire or Kristy Mc Nichol.
Rob Lowe or Tom Cruise or Richard Chamberlain.

What is your best Quality?
Loving my Kitten.

The symbol of the Lion and a Fire sign.
Your most likeable trait is Exuberance.
Your opposite zodiac is the Aquarius.
GEM: Diamond or Ruby or Peridot
COLOR: Orange

General Characteristics of a Leo

Leo, as the fifth sign of the zodiac,
you are a strong and dominant person.
You are enthusiastic and very creative.
As the most excessive spendthrift in the zodiac,
you want to enjoy the good life.
Luxury is a necessity to you,
and you don’t like to settle for second best in anything.
Generally you are generous, kind and openhearted.
One of your most endearing traits is bringing sunshine to those around you.
No one could ask for a better friend.
However, your ego needs feeding, and since you love flattery,
you can never get enough.
Having your element as a Fire sign, makes you active and enthusiastic.
You are extremely ambitious and a hard worker.
Although you can appear lazy at times,
it’s most likely a temporary rest so
that you can sit back and admire the things around you.
Born under the most royal sign of the zodiac,
the symbol of the lion is perfect to describe you.
The lion is the king who dominates and is not afraid of challenge.
The planet that rules Leo is the Sun.
In astrology, the Sun is the considered the most powerful planet.
Its influence is over authority and vitality.
You love to give advice, and are known to be a little overbearing at times.
Along with Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius
you are a Fixed sign which means that you are a perfectionist and are resistant to change.

Your Personal Horoscope

The description of your sun sign is considered a general outline of your personality.
Many aspects need to be taken into consideration to understand why you act,
think, and feel the way you do.
A more in-depth examination using your date, time,
and place of birth will determine your planetary involvements and their influences,
which will give you specific insight into your personal identity.
By looking at your Natal and Relationship Comparison Charts
you will have a better understanding of yourself.

Some famous people born under the sign of Leo:

Gracie Allen, Lucille Ball, Ethel Barrymore,
Tony Bennett, Simon Bolivar, Napoleon Bonaparte,
Diamond Jim Brady, Fidel Castro, Julia Child,
Bill Clinton, Cecil B. DeMille, Robert De Niro,
Amelia Earhart, Zelda Fitzgerald, Peggy Fleming,
George Hamilton, Mata Hari, Alfred Hitchcock,
Dustin Hoffman, Mick Jagger, Peter Jennings,
Carl Jung, Madonna, Benito Mussolini, Annie Oakley,
Carroll O’Connor, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Peter O’Toole,
Robert Redford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rudy Vallee,
Mae West, Esther Williams, and Shelley Winters.

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