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Ahhhhh Do You Remember When?

Your Parents Would Say: "When I Was Your Age!"
And the child would say: "WHEN?"

The Ice Creams I Grew Up With Were:

Mississippi Mud Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches "My Favorite"
Made of Chocalate Sandwich, Chocolate Icecream and Chocolate Chips.
Red and White and Blue Rocket Popcycles
Chocolate Tacos "My Favorite"
Hot Fudge or Butterscotch Sundaes
Chocolate Drumsticks
Big Wheels Ice Cream Cookies
Made of 2 Cookies and Ice Cream in the middle.
Eskimo Pies "My Favoritie"
Good Humor Ice Cream
Bannana Fudgecycles
Good Humor Almond Crunchbars

Now Days, there are the following Ice Creams:

Mississippi Mud Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches
Made of White Icecream and almonds covered in chocolate with a chocolate sandwich.
Snowcones aka known as "Raspa's"
Napoleon Ice Cream of Chocolate, Pistachio Cherry and Vannilla, "My favorite"
Cappacinno Icecream "My Favorite"
Klondyke Bars
Dove Bar Bytes
Bluebell Brand Ice Cream
Hangen Daz Brand Ice Cream
Ben & Jerrys' Brand Ice Cream "My Favorite"
I have been to the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory & Shop in Vermont!
Creamy Creations Brand Ice Cream "My Favorite"

The Ice Creams Flavors I Grew Up With Were:

Pink Bubblegum
Chocolate Mint Chip "My Favorite"
Turkish Coffee "My Favorite"
English Toffee "My Favorite"
Coconut Creme "My Favorite"
Vanilla Bean "My Favorite"
Cinnamon "My Favorite"
Chocolate Vanilla
French Vanilla
Homemade Vanilla
Strawberry or Peaches & Cream
Java Mocha Chip "My Favorite"
Cookies N' Cream "My Favorite"

Now days, The Ice Creams Flavors Are:

Cherry Garcia "My Favorite"
Chunky Monkey
Coffee Buzz,Buzz
Phish Food
Peanut Butter Cup "My Favorite"
Mission Marzapan "My Favorite"
Oatmeal Chocolate Chunck
Coconut Almond Fudge Chip
Candy Cane
Pumkin Spice "My Favorite"
Mexican Chocolate
Mint Chocolate Chunk "My Favorite"
Pumpkin Spice "My Favorite"

The Ice Creams Flavors I Want To Try From "Ben & Jerrys'Are:

Creme Bruelee'
American Apple Pie
Bannana Splits
Chocolate Therapy
Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl
Intense White Chocolate

The Bread, Cookies & Pastries I Grew Up With Were:

Rum Balls "Mom's Reciepe" ~ "My Favorite"
Chocolate Silk Satin Pie "My Favorite"
Chocolate or Coconut Ice Box Pie
Hot Apple Pie
SnickerDoodles Cookies "My Favorite"
Gingerbread Men Cookies "My Favorite"
Zuchinni Bread "My Favorite"
Amish Friendship Bread "My Favorite"
Hot Cross Buns
Apricot Pecan Bread
Red Velvet Cake "My Favorite"
Hot Apple Strudel
Wheat Dinner Rolls
Cheese Bread

Now Days, The Bread, Cookies & Pastries Are:

Peach Cobbler & Cinnamon Ice Cream together "My Favorite"
Gingersnap Cookies "My Favorite"
Chess Pie "My Favorite"
Pumpkin Pie "My Favorite"
Tres' Leche' Cake "My Favorite
Italian Wedding Cake
Carrot Cake
Made of Strawberries and Cream inside Layers of Pastrie Crust
CreamPuffs "My Favorite"
Taramisu "My Favorite" ~ I have had 199 different ones.
Creme Brulee' "My Favorite ~ I have had 114 different ones.
Pumpkin Bread
Wheat Bread
Foccacia Bread "My Favorite"
Pita Bread

These are the Types Of Breakfast's that I Grew Up With, They Were:

Molasses or Honey with Bread & Butter "My grandfather made this for me"
Oatmeal not flavored
Cream of Wheat
Blueberry Pecan Pancakes "My grandfather made this" ~ My Favorite"
PopOvers aka Bruiske' "My Favorite"

Now Days, Types Of Breakfasts' Are:

Carnation Flavored Instant Breakfast "My Favorite"
Saugage & Biscuits & Hashbrowns & Gravy "My Favorite"
Belguim Waffles
Poptart Toaster Strudel
Nutri Gran Cappaccino Bars "My Favorite"
That is Coffee with out the spill !

All the beverages of both Hot & Cold that I Grew Up With Were:

2% Milk
Chocolate Milk
Mexican Hot Chocolate "I would call it: Chochotlet!" ~ "My Favorite"
Iced Tea: Red Zinger Herbal "made by Mom" ~ "My Favorite"
Chai "My Favorite" ~ both hot and cold and Frozen.
Gun Powder Black Tea
Green Tea
Jasmine Tea
Yoo Hoos'Chocolate Milk
Mocha Frappaccinos by Starbucks
Hot Rum Toddys'
Irish Coffee
Colorado Bulldogs "My Favorite"
The Rocket "a 3 colored drink with a flame...87 proof"
Pina Colada's
Jack Daniel's Whiskey
Rum with Coke
Grasshoppers ~ This was my first liquor drink inside an Irish Pub.
Ammarretto Di'Sariono "My Favorite"
Bailey's on Ice or in Coffee "My Favorite"
Buttery Nipple "My Favorite"
That is Butterscotch Shnapps & Baileys on Ice.
Mimosa's "My Favorite"
That is Orange Juice with Champainge.
Fuzzy Navels
Cinnamon Shnapps "My Favorite"
Watermelon Shnapps
Mr. Pibb Soda
Draft Hires Rootbeer
Pineapple Juice
Grape Juice
Apple Cider

Now days, The Beverages both Hot and Cold Are:

Starbucks' Vannilla Steamer "My Favorite"
Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Frappe' "My Favorite"
Starbucks' Vannilla Bean Frappe' "My Favorite"
I Still Drink Mexican Hot Chocolet! "My Favorite"
Starbuck's Double Chocolate Chip Frappaccinno' "My Favorite"
Ginger Ale
Diet Barq's Rootbeer
Diet Vannilla & Cherry Cream Dr. Pepper
Diet Pepsi
Regular Big Red Float Soda's
Hot Apple Cider
Rosehip Herbal Tea
Peppermint Herbal Tea "My Favorite"
Kalahari Herbal Zambezi Red Chai Tea "My Favorite"
Olvatine Chocolate Milk
Bottled Water
Boysenberry Juice
Carrot Juice "My Favorite"
Coconut Milk "My Favorite"
Hot White Chocolate
Oceanspray Cran Grape Juice "My Favorite"
Oceanspray Cran Raspberry Juice
Oceanspray Cran Cherry Juice "My Favorite"
Tazo's Simply Red Tea Herbal "My Favorite"
Kern's Kiwi Strawberry Nector
Kern's Pina Colada Nector "My Favorite"
Welches' Tropical Cherry Juice "My Favorite"
Republic Chocolate Chai Herbal Hot Tea "My Favorite"
Coconut & Pineapple Clear Walmart Flavored Water "My Favorite"

The Candy both Hard and Soft that I Grew Up With Were:

Hershey Bar
Zero Bar
Razzle's Gum
Butterscotch Discs "My Favorite"
Cinnammon Discs "My Favorite"
Divinity "My Favorite"
Flicks "My Favorite"
KitKats Bars
Butterfinger Bars
Whoppers Malt Balls

Now Days, The Candy both Hard and Soft that I Grew Up With Are:

Creme Savers : Applepie Almode ~ Chocolate & Carmel ~ Orange Creme
Receptionist Sticks "My Favorite"
Flake Nor "My Favorite"
Hershey's Fast Break bars "My Favorite"
Peanut Butter Cups "My Favorite"
Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate bars "My Favorite"
Ginger Hard Candy Drops "My Favorite"

The Types Of Communication & Media that I Grew Up With Were:

Black & White Televisions
Colored Televisions
Dialing Phones
Basic News
Movies ~ Gameshows & Talkshows & Sports
78's ~ 33's ~ 45's
Albums'~ Cassettes & 8 Tracks

Now Days, the Communication & Media Are:

People listening to :
Cd's ~ watching Dvd's
Watching Flatscreen Tv's with cable or satellite
People talk by:
Fax ~ Email ~ Voicemail ~ Snailmail ~Cellephone and Digital Phone

The Game Shows that I Grew Up With Were:

Arcade "My Favorite"
Bumper Stumpers "My Favorite"
Press Your Luck
Chance Of A Lifetime
Jokers' Wild
Card Sharks
Name That Tune "My Favorite"
The Weekest Link

Now Days, the Game Shows Are:

Wheel Of Fortune
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: Triva Pursuit "My Favorite"
Deal Or No Deal

The TV Series that I Grew Up With Were:

Family starring Kristy McNichol "My Favorite"
Facts Of Life starring Nancy McKeon "My Favorite"
Who's The Boss? starring Judith Light "My Favorite"
Bionic Woman starring Lindsay Wagner "My Favorite"
James At 15 "My Favorite"
Growing Pains
Family Ties
Happy Days
Beverly Hills 90210 "My Favorite"
M*A*S*H "My Favorite
Lady Red
Miami Vice
Hart To Hart
Touched By An Angel
7th Heaven "My Favorite"
Cosby Show "My Favorite"
The Golden Girls "My Favorite"
Three's Company
Family Affair
21 Jumpstreet "My Favorite"
Space 1999
Star Trek
Buck Roger & The 25th Century "My Favorite"
Fraggle Rock "My Favorite"
The Muppet Show
Seaquest "My Favorite"
Life Goes On "My Favorite"

Now days, The TV Series Are:

Buffy, The Vampire Slayer "My Favorite"
Charmed "My Favorite"
Big Brother "My Favorite"
Amazing Race "My Favorite"
NCIS "My Favorite"
CIS Miami
Wife Swap
Greys' Anatomy "My Favorite"
Miami Medical
Three Rivers "My Favorite"
A Gifted Man "My Favorite"
Under The Dome "My Favorite"
Once Upon A Time "My Favorite
Once Upon A Time In Wonderland
Hostages "My Favorite"

The Music I Grew Up With And Still Listen Too!:

On CD's :Ragtime & Swing Music ~ Glen Miller ~ Gershwin ~ Andrew Sisters
On CD's :Celtic ~ B*Witched
Went to The Osmonds Concert when I was 5
Went to The Beach Boys Concert when I was 14
Went to Peter, Paul & Mary Concert when I was 22
In school, I was in the Choir, until I turned Monotone.
In school, I went to alot of symphonies.
Movie Albums like the following :
Sound Of Music
Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang!
Wizard Of Oz

Plus I like the following as well:
The Carpenters
Jackson Five
Judy Collins
Joan Baez
Emy Lou Harris
Lorretta Lynn
Reba Mc Entire "My Favorite"
Tv Series Themes
Asleep At The Wheel
Billy Joel
Neil Diamond
Elton John
Jim Croce "My Favorite"
The Judds "My Favorite"
Barbara Striesand
Any Disney Music! :From Movie Themes to Country to Hip Hop to Disco to Rap To Christmas.

The Stores I Grew Up With Were:

Mr M's Convient
Piggly Wiggly
Stop N' Go's

Now days, The Stores Are:

Dylan's Candy Bar
Coastal or Sams'
Heb Central Market
FOA Toystore
Disney Store

A Convient Store Used To Be Convient. Now Days, It's A Hassle!

A Drive In, Used To Be A Movie Theater!
Now Days, It's a Drive In Fast Food Station!

Enough talk about Sweets and Breakfasts or Fast Food!
Let's Talk About Lunch Now!
Not Brunch!
Dinner not Supper!
Snack or What Ever!

The Soups I Grew Up With Were:

Chicken Noodle "My Favorite"
Cream Of Celery
Lentil Soup

Now days, The Soups Are:

Pumpkin "My Favorite"
Butternut Squash "My Favorite"
French Onion

So, I Repeat, Do You Remember When?
Written By Marcia S. Gallatin
January 21, 2002 and Updated on June 29, 2013

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All material is and by their respected owners. All rights reserved by the respected owners. Use of copyrighted. And trademarked material is for entertainment purposes only; no infringement on the original copyrights or trademarks held by the respected owners is intended or should be inferred.