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Beverly Hills, California:
San Diego, California:
Hortan Plaza Mall
West Jim Croce Resturant
San Fransisco, California:
Disneyland California Adventures, California:

September 30, 2010
Dad, Gene and I went at 10:30 am to 9:45 pm : To Disney's California Adventures Theme Park!
We went with me in my Blue Motor Wheelchair.
Downtown Disney : World Of Disney Store :
This is where I bought 3 shot glasses and a 1 T-shirt.
While Dad and Gene went to Soarin, we found out that I could not fit in the seat.
We also accidently left my souvenirs there.
Later, dad and Gene went to retrieve my souvenirs at the Lost and Found.
They came back with all of it!!!! Relief!
I went to the Fly Bye Store :
This is where I bought 2 hats and 1 shot glass.
It's Tough To Be A Bug Show! :
This show has special effects on the 5 senses. Smell/Taste/Touch/Hear/ and Sight.
It is a very fun show.
Talking With Crush Show! :
This show you can actually interact with a turtle. It is very fun.
We went to the CANDY Dz for some Shopping! :
I bought 2 Choc Candy’s Mints ~ 1 Peanut Butter Cookie and Pretzels,
~ while dad bought some Salt Water Taffy and Candy Corn.
I went to the Tower of Terror Gift Store for Shopping! :
~while dad and Gene rode the Tower Of Terror, I bought a magnet and a shot glass.
We went to the Off The Page Animation for some Shopping! :
Here I bought a humongous frame with Disney characters on the Disneyland rides all around the frame.
I found 2 with help Hidden Mickeys from the Off The Page store!
And here we saw an imagineer draw and paint Tinkerbell.
We went to the Rushing Rivers Outfitters for some Shopping! :
Here I bought a Disney mug and a calender.
~and dad bought him a windbreaker.
Gene and I went to the Guest Relations! :
Here I plugged in my wheelchair and received a 1st trip visit pin to Disneyland California Adventures.
Then Dad and Gene, went to the Paradise Pier and rode 7 rides on their own.
They had fun, while I was plugged in to an electric outlet in the park watching the Paradise Pier colors.
We Had Fun!
And YES, I did have to plug my Motor Wheelchair in at least 9 times today.
And Luckly my motor wheelchair made it to the hotel room. Relief!

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Denver, Colorado:
Winter Park, Colorado:

I went Skiing X2 Different Years in Winter Park Colorado

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Orlando, Florida
Titutsville, FloridaKennedy Space Center
Walt Disney World, FloridaSee Below

May 9th to the 15th 2001
This was My 1st time at Walt Disney World “WDW”!!!
When we went, WDW and especially Epcot and the World Of Showcase, they were celebrating
~ the “International Garden and Flower Season!
We flew there by plane, with my manual wheelchair.
We took a shuttle to the Port New Orleans Plantation On the River.
The room, we ordered, we didn’t get, for the computers were down.
The room was tiny and barely worked with my wheelchair.
The Bathrroom leaked.
It wasn’t worth the money dad had to pay for it.
Dad had said.
The 1st night we went to Downtown Disney, we took a ferry boat ride to get here.
I paid for the food on the whole trip!
And had an ice-cream parfait soda at Ghiradelli Chocolate Soda shop.
Then we went to Lego Land and the World Of Disney.
World Of Disney store is a MUST FOR EVERYONE!
This is where I bought me Mickey Mouse house shoes.
Then we went to Wolf Gang Puck’s Café.
I had Butternut Squash Soup and Pumkin Ravioli with Pine Nuts and 4 different kinds of Cream Brulees.
Then we took the bus going back to the hotel.

The next day, By Bus, I went to Downtown Disney and to Disney Quest for 2 hours,
~ while dad did something else.
I did Karoke to a 45rpm CD disc and got to take it home with me.
And I did a computer paint job, that I got to take home with me.
And I played virtual reality games.
First we went on the bus to Magic Kingdom to the Monorail to the Contemporary hotel
~ and ate at Chefs’ Mickeys Breakfast Buffet! I ate the following:
Mickey Mouse Waffles with Syrup, Orange Juice, Saugage, Melons and Strawberries .
And I had my picture taken with Mickey and Goofy and Pluto.
Then Dad and I went to Magic Kingdom by bus.
We went on the Train trip, around the park to Toon Town,
~ and took pictures of me with Donald Duck while looking for “Hidden Mickey’s”!
We ate a lot of Mickey Mouse Ice Cream bars!
And we enjoyed a hotdog and a coke.
In Magic Kingdom, I bought my Wimbledon Shoulder Purse!
Later that night, We went to California Grill at the Contemporary hotel,
~ where I ate Asian Noodles and Foccacia Flat Bread.
And on the 15th Floor,
~ we saw the Fireworks outside on the balcony coming from the Magic Kingdoms’ Cinderella Castle.
And we saw a Fireworks Dragon inside a Water type of show in front of the Grand Floridian hotel.

The next morning, we met at 8:45am at the MGM Kiosk for a 2 and ½ hours Animation Tour,
~ WDW History ~ Make a Cartoon ~ Paint an Acid Free Cel ~ TOUR!!!!
They knew that I was searching for Hidden Mickey’s so they gave me a list
~ of all the Hidden Mickeys that has been found in WDW!
I found the tinest Hidden Mickey’s {a 1 inch by 1inch Mickey siloutte found on several 1 foot x 1 foot man holes}
~ throughout the MGM studios!
The Fantasia HAT Centerpiece representing MGM Studios was under construction when we came.
Then dad and I saw the Muppets 3-D show.
Then dad and I went to Mamma Melrose Italian Restaurant.
And I ate angel hair pasta and vegitable pasta marinara plus my 192nd Taramisu!.
Then we rode the Great Movie Ride, with Gangsters and Alien and Godfather and Wizard of Oz.
Boy and I thought we were in Disney World. LOL!
We then, went through an Animation tour of Atlantis!
You got to see them work and got to ask questions and get answers.
Then I bought an Acid Free Cell of Disney being drawn and painted by Mickey Mouse,
~ Called “Partners- Self Portrait”.
Then we rode a Star Wars Tour Ride.
My doctors said no, but I had no idea until afterwards on why not.
OUCH!!!!!!!! Plus I got DIZZY and shut my eyes the first thing.
Now I did get my picture taken with Dark Vador though.
Then dad went to ride the Areosmith Roller Coaster and I went to the Gift Store.
Then I had 2 cookies and a frozen Capaccino. And dad and I went to see the Indiana Jones Stunt show.
Later that night, we went and saw “Fantasmic” {a water Show with all the Disney Characters!}
Now, It is a dream of mine to stay at the Grand Floridian Hotel!
Then we ate at the Grand Floridian Café in the Hotel. Garlicky Spinach Dip and Focciacia and a Lemonade.
Plus dessert with dad was a Banana Pate’ 3 different ones.
This was the night , dad and I knew I was getting sick!
Even the waiter said, “Don’t worry about not eating all of your food, and the dessert is on me!”

The next morning, on the 12th, Dad and I went to Epcot for breakfast at the Land's Garden Grill.
The resturant turned around slowly and the walls were like a farm plantation.
They had 2 levels, the top level showed the Daisys and the farmhouse.
The 2nd level showed animatronics animals and weather and farmhouse plantation.
The food was all you can eat. They served us a spread of Waffles, eggs, bacon, sausages,
~ ham, muffins and crossaints.
Dad was tired too, for the monorail ramps were a 45degree hill,
~ and he had to push me up and down them every time, we went on the monorail,
~"In-which was the best Transportation “.
We spent 1 hour to 2 hours at the Land ‘s Garden Grill.
We watched The Lion King at the Land, then we went to the Living Seas,
~ then we went to Honey , I Shrunk The Audience! 3 -D show.
We rode EVERY Ride Except Not the TEST TRACK!
Dad was too scared.
After Epcot, we went to the World Showcase!
We had appetizers at Mexico, a churo, Soup at Chefs De France, Potato Leek Soup,
~ Supper at Japan, Teryaki Chicken , and Dessert at Morrocco, Bakalava.
We saw a movie inside the United Kingdom. We saw a Mime show in France.
Then we saw the Illuminations SHOW in between the World Showcase and Epcot!

On the 13th, We went and enjoyed the Boardwalk,
We took a boat ride there.
We ate at Spoodles Mediterrain food and the dessert , we took a picture of the food.
It was Great!
~Though , you could see that I still didn’t feel too good.
Dad treated me to an Italian ice.
And we went to a old-fashioned candy store, and dad bought taffy.
Then we went to the Jim Warren Art Gallery, and I bought a Jim Warren Book.
Then we went by boat to Epcot and then by bus to Animal Kingdom.
We saw the Tree of Life, and It- Is-Tough-To-Be-A-Bug 3-D show.
Then we saw big tigers and bats.
We drank a lot of lemon freezes for the heat was so bad.
Then we took a Safarri ride and saw Lions, Elk and other animals.
Then we took a train, and went to the Rainforest Center,
~ Where I had heatstroke and threw up big time!
We went to the hotel, where I kept throwing up big time.

On the 14th: Dad wanted me to decide wheither we go to the emergency room or continue with our trip.
~ I chose to continue with our trip!
We skipped breakfast,
~ and went by bus to the Magic Kingdom again.
We rode the Tom Sawyers “Liberty Riverboat” ride. We saw a Lion King show again,
~ “A Different one this time.”
Then we saw the Cinderella Castle. And the glass and pewter stores inside the castle.
Then we headed back to the hotel and we rested.
Then we ate the Nine Dragons, I had Beef and Broccoli plus Rice and an Eggroll in The World Showcase.

On the 15th we got on the plane,
~ My ears and head made me think I was going to explode while we were landing.
My ears felt that way for 3weeks afterwards. Dr. Johnson , said, I came home with Bronchile Namonia.

September 12th to the 16th 2005!
I went back to Walt Disney World for my 2nd time with my dad!
This time, we drove there and took my blue motor wheelchair.
It took us 2 days to get to Disney.
We stayed at Coronda Springs Resort.
The place has a fountain inside the lobby!
Dad and I ate at the Rainforest Café, At Downtown Disney.
I ate Chimi Cha Cha’s. And dad and I, ate a dessert called "The Volcano" together.
I paid for the food on the whole trip!
Then we went back to the hotel, for we were tired.
We took the bus and left the van at the hotel.
The hotel room was so big and comfortable, which made it great for my motor wheelchair too!
The bed was kind- of high though.
So the next day we changed rooms to section 5 instead of section 3.
There, they had beds that I could get onto, with-out my dad’s help.
~ However, like always, I need help getting out of bed.
And the shower was great for me too!

On the 2nd day, we took the bus to Magic Kingdom and ate at Crystal Palace,
~ a Breakfast Banquet with Winnie the Pooh and gang!
We must have been there half the morning!
I got my picture taken with Piglet, Eeyore, and Tigger and Winnie the Pooh!!
Then we took a train ride around the park.
And then we went and strolled our way into the Cinderella Castle,
~ and took pictures of the murals made out of tile.
I did not get to do the Mickey’s Philhar Magic Disney Style 3d/4d show though,
~ We couldn’t find it.
Though, we did go to the Main Street Emporium and I bought some t-shirts.
INFACT: On this WDW trip, I bought 10 t-shirts all together!
I as-well bought a set of 5 DVD's about Walt Disney World!
Dad rode Thunder Mountain, then we both at ate Pecos Bills snack shop and Candy store too!
Dad and I then, went and saw the Country Bears Jubilee,
~ where I had to plug my wheelchair in for 30 minutes.
We saw and Experienced “SHARE THE MAGIC PARADE” of Disney Characters in Snow-globes!
We went and both enjoyed the Tiki Room filled with animated computerized Birds.
At Magic Kingdom, We rode the Monorails for 1 and ½ hours while we transferred to go to Contemporary Hotel
~ and to Grand Floridian hotel.
At the Contemporary Hotel, I had to plug my wheelchair in for 45minutes
~ while drinking a diet coke.
The Haunted Manision was not Accessible for me, so I didn’t go again.
We had no ideal that I was to go home later, needing NEW Batteries.
Then we went to our hotel and ate at the restaurant.

On the 3rd day, we went to Downtown Disney and enjoyed ourselves,
~ and the stores : World of Disney , Pet store “where I got Naci an Aristocats eating bowl”,
~ Crystal store, Christmas Store, “where we got an ornament or 2.
Then we ate at Wolfgang Puck’s Express
~and plugged my wheelchair in for 1 hour.
I ate Butternut Squash soup YUM! and I ate Focciacia bread.
Then by bus, we went to Epcot.
Dad rode Mission Space and I got my picture taken with Goofy.
And I stayed and spent some time in the gift store.
Then dad rode the Test Track, and I stayed inside the gift store.
We didn’t get to do Soarrin, we couldn’t find it.
Then we went to the World Showcase and saw a 360 film about Canada.
And then we enjoyed the gardens in Canada.
Then we ate at Chefs De France. I ate Eggplant Lasagna, Dad had Macaroni and Cheese
~ and then we shared a Cream Brulee’ together.
And then at Chefs De France, I plugged my wheelchair in for 1 hour.
Then we went back to the hotel, for my wheelchair couldn’t do the whole park of World Showcase.
We ate at the hotel.

On the 4th day, We went by bus to MGM studios.
It was Flat there, and had barely no hills there.
Dad rode the Tower of Terror Hotel and I stayed in the gift-store,
~ then dad bought himself a Tower Of Terror Bathrobe.
Dad rode the Aerosmith Roller Coaster, and I stayed outside eating a Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar.
We both played “Who Wants To Be A Disney Millionaire”.
We both saw a 3-D Play of the Little Mermaid.
We both saw the Broadway Play of the Beauty and The Beast.
Then we went to Mama Melrose Italian restaurant for the 2nd time at WDW,
In Mama Melrose Italian Restuarant,
~this time plugged my wheelchair in for 1 and ½ hours.
I ate Pasta with Hot Sausage and Peppers.

The next morning we ate a Breakfast Banquette at the hotel.

Then, Dad and I, also went to the following places on the way home:
~ Space Camp, US Space and Rocket Center, Savannah Georgia for Southern food,
~ and ate a Food Networks “Paula Deans’s- Lady’s & Sons’s Restaurant”.
Then we went to The Coca Cola Museum and a Shogun Japanese Restaurant and Lookout point.
And then came home with an Ulcer on my Left Ankle and a very swollen leg.
Now, I’m in a brace for support and circulation on my Left Ankle.
The brace is called a Farrow Wrap, which is a Velcro sectional brace.

Disney Magic Cruise Line : October 20, Saturday to October 27, Saturday, 2012
I went on this cruise in my Red Motor Wheelchair.

October 20, Saturday, 2012:
At 10am we checked into the Disney Cruise Lines!
It was great, for originally we were scheduled at 1:30pm LOL.
At 12:30 We went aboard, and they greeted us by saying :
"Welcome Aboard the Albert Family!"
~it should have been Gallatin family, but they thought my dad's first name was our last name LOL.
Our stateroom # 6147 was not going to be ready until 1:30 so we ate lunch at the Topsider's Buffet.
The buffet was nothing to write home about.
Except for the desserts were great!
When entering we saw this Ice Sculpture of Dolphins!
Dad kept a look out for hidden mickeys.
Tiny ones on peoples vested suits.
In the middle of the floor on metal plate dividers.
Hidden mickeys on the dishware and glasses.
Not to mention this Hidden Mickey in the Atruim Lobby!
We did the Life Jacket Drill at 3:45pm
At 4:30pm we did the Adventures Away All Aboard Party on Deck 9!
We went to Port Adventures Desk, and Recieved a Disney Cruise Line Charm to be attached to a bracelet.
We ate dinner at 5:45pm at Lumineers's : A Beauty & The Beast Restuarant.
The food was great! That is after we found something I could eat.
There is alot of seafood on this ship, And I'm allergic to it!
I ate Pasta~Cauliflower~Carrots and Sqaush.
I had Tomatoe Basil Soup and a Creme' Brullee.
At 8:30pm we then went to the Walt Disney Theater to watch: On Board: Sail Away With Mickey!
Then I went to Mickey's Mates Store and bought the following :
18 Postcards ~ A Replica of The Magic Ship and a 2013 -16month Disney Calender.
When we got to our stateroom, We had a new navigator for the next day.
A Navigator is a Newsletter that is like an itenary of your schedule.
We as well had a towel shaped as a swann with 2 chocolates on the bed.
Madi was our stateroom keeper on the ship.

October 21, Sunday, 2012:
First, my stateroom # 6147 was the widest doors in the hall. In-which, was Great especially for my wheelchair!
Second, The room was spacious!
And so was the bathroom.
The only boo boos there were, was the Emergency Cord over the shower was too high,
~ and the Life Jackets were to high too!
Other wise, my stateroom was Perfect!
Even the bed was my Height! Excactly!
We had Room Service at 7:30 am.
Nothing to write home about, but it was fun.
Then I went back to Mickey's Mates and bought : 2 gifts for friends & A Magnet, Mice Dice and Pretzels.
Then I went to Treasure Katch and bought me a Disney Hat.
Afterwards, I went to to Cove Cafe, and bought me 3 pastries and warm milk, YUM!
I will miss the warm milk, when I leave the cruise.
Ate at the Parrot Cay for Lunch buffet.
I had a Tarramisu!
I will miss all the desserts and
~ the pampering done by Francesca, Embreham and Madi, when I leave the cruise.
When we got to our stateroom, We had a new navigator for the next day.
We as well had a towel shaped as a ghost hanging on the doorway, with 2 chocolates on the bed.

October 22, Monday, 2012:
Parrot Cay : Breakfast: Choc Chip Pancakes ~ Mickey Mouse Waffle
~OJ ~Hot Choc ~ Choc Sauce & Whipped Creme.
Dad took pictures of Minnie, Chip & Dale and Pluto with him & I.
Dad had his 1 Day Spa Rainforest Treatment today.
I Saw the movie Brave & Timmothy Green.
Went to an Animation Innovations History of Disney Movie Making Class.
Cove Cafe for some more Warm Milk.
Mickey's Mates for a T-Shirt & Choc Carmel Popcorn.
Topsiders for Lunch.
I went to the stateroom to take a nap.
Parrot Cay for dinner.
A Mixed Fruit Juice ~ Jerk Chicken ~ Bannana Bread & Bannana Spread,
~Ginger Ale ~Cabasla Stack ~ Mango & Passion Fruit Cold Soup
~Hot Peppermint Herbal Tea ~ Lemon Merange Pie ~ Creme Bruilee Cheesecake ~ Choc Smores.
Each dessert was 2"x2" each.
Dad & I went to a "Who Want's To Be A Mousekateer?" Game.
NOTE: If you didn't go to the theater afterwards........It will be live on your tv.
When we got to our stateroom, We had a new navigator for the next day.
We as well had a towel shaped as a monkey on the wall, with 2 chocolates on the bed.

October 23, Tuesday, 2012:
Breakfast at Lumineer's.
Yogurt ~ Choc Chip Pancakes ~ Mickey Mouse Waffle ~ Chocolate Sauce ~ Whipped Creme ~ OJ ~ Chochotlet
By this time, I started to save menu's if they allowed me too. Sometimes, I couldn't.
Dad went on a Grand Cayman Submarine Excursion. I stayed on board the cruise.
I went on Deck 9 where they had a big tv at the funnel in the pool area.
I watched Atlantis there and had a coke.
I went to Cove Cafe' for a Warm Milk.
Around 12noon Lumineer's for Lunch.
Curry Chicken ~ Coconut Creme Pie.
Took a small nap inside my Stateroom.
At 3pm I had a "Absoulte Spa Ritual".
It was all done in my wheelchair. Cool ! :)
The facial was great!
15 different scrubs and 4 different masks. Some were cold and some were warm!
The back massasage was nothing to write home about though.
And they were really "PUSHY" about selling there products on me. IT DIDN"T WORK!
When I got back to the stateroom, my dad was there!
He had fun.
We ate in Lumineers for Supper.
They began to Celerbrated Pirate Night inside Lumineer's.
From 9:45 to 11pm Deck 9 Pirate Night and Fireworks! Oh Yeah!!!!
When we got to our stateroom, We had a new navigator for the next day.
We as well had a towel shaped as a dog with 2 chocolates for eyes.

October 24,Wednesday, 2012:
By this time, I started not keeping track of all the food I took in. There was so much of it.
And there was the beverage center too! All the sodas, Hot chocolate, you want.
On this trip, the liquor, non liquor drinks, and coffee were at cost!
You had to pay $35.00 for 12 Bottled Waters. Or $20.00 for 6 Bottled Waters.
I woke up with Pain in my Left Foot and dad said I had a White Patch
~from the side of my toe to my side foot to up the ankle.
Most of the day, I slept in. I didn't feel good.
At 1:45pm I went to the Happy Halloween High Seas Deck 9 Party!
~except when I got there, it had not started, and was too at 4:30, so I went to take a nap.
~When I woke up, the party was over, and it was time to eat.
Dad was taking his 2nd Excursion. Chaccobbean Mayan Ruins.
When he came back, he said that was the best fun he has had in a while.
~ And that he really learned alot.
When we got to our stateroom, We had a new navigator for the next day.
We as well had a towel shaped as an alligator with 2 chocolates for eyes.

October 25, Thursday, 2012:
Breakfast was Room Service.
I stayed most of the morning on Deck 9, eating Strawberry Yogurt
~and Warm Milk, plus looking at the peir in Cozumel.
I saw the cutiest contest for babies on Deck 3: Jack Jacks' Incredible Diaper Dash Contest
Lunch At Topsiders' Buffet
Dad went to Cozumel "Catamarain & Snorkeling"
I went to Cozumel with Dad!
We bought : for Dad a Ceramic Parrot & Holder
~ for Me: A Leather Belt, A T-shirt ~ 4 Shotglasses and A Sun/moon Ceramic piece.
Dinner At Parrot Cay "Gala Dinner Night"
When we got to our stateroom, We had a new navigator for the next day.
We as well had a towel shaped as a turtle with 2 chocolates for eyes.

October 26, Friday, 2012:
Breakfast At Lumineers
Mickey's Mates : Tree and MM plus Characters Ornament ~ Lanyerd with card holder.
Dad & I saw this Comedy & Ventriloquism of Lynn Trefzger show.
Dad & I went to the Towel Folding into Characters class
Dad & I went to Palo for an Adult Only Dinner & Choc Souffle for Dessert
We went to the Walt Disney Theatre & enjoyed the Remember The Magic :A Final Farewell Broadway Show.
We went to the Atrium Lobby and met and took pictures of
~Snow White & Mickey Mouse at the Till We Meet Again w/Characters event.
When we got to our stateroom we had a towel shaped as a snake with 2 chocolates on the bed.

October 27, Saturday, 2012:
Breakfast was at 7am in Lumineers.
Off Board at 10am.
By this time, my left foot was swollen to the knee
~ And painful to the slightest touch.
Got home around 7pm.
Love and Kisses to Rosebud!
Crashed in Bed and Elevated too!

Maybe I Can Swing another Disney Cruise in the future, maybe!

There is a possibility that I may go again to Walt Disney World at Christmas time in the future!

If I do......What would I do the Same?
If I do......What would I do that I didn't get a chance to do?
AND If I do..What would I do New?

If My Choice,
I would stay at either the Grand Floridian or the Boardwalk Inn.

If not my choice,
I hope the Coronado Springs again!

This time I would be with my Motor Wheelchair,
to help dad & I, get around better.

This time, to go see the Gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian Resort.
And Buy a smaller version of a Gingerbread house.

Disney Downtown: Cirque Du Soleil La Nouba.
Disney Downtown: World Of Disney Store again!
Disney Downtown: Disney Days of Christmas.
Disney Downtown: Disney's Mickey's Pantry.
Disney Downtown: Disney's Tails "Pet Store".
Disney Downtown: Art Of Disney.
Disney Downtown: The Magic Of Disney.
Disney Downtown: Team Mickey's Athletic Club.
Disney Downtown: Goofy's Candy Co.
Disney Downtown: Disney Candy Cauldron.
Disney Downtown: Disney's Wonderful World Of Memories.
Disney Downtown: Disney's Pin Traders.
Disney Downtown: Disney Quest again.
Disney Downtown: Wolfgang Pucks's Cafe again for Dinner.
Disney Downtown: Rainforest Cafe again for Dinner.
Disney Downtown: Raglan Road for Dinner.

Magic Kingdom: The Haunted Mansion "Not Accessible for me though."
Magic Kingdom: Cinderella Castle for Dinner.
Magic Kingdom: Crystal Palace for a Character Breakfast again.
Magic Kingdom: Go To The Enchanted Tikki Room again.
Magic Kingdom: See the Mainstreet Electric Parade.
Magic Kingdom: Hall of Presidents.
Magic Kingdom: Mickey's Philhar Magic.
Magic Kingdom: Country Bear Jamboree again.
Magic Kingdom: Cinderella Castle again, and this time by Cross Stitches!
Magic Kingdom: Railroad ride again.
Magic Kingdom: Fantasy Land! Little Mermaid.
Magic Kingdom: Fantasy Land! Beauty & The Beast.
Magic Kingdom: Fantasy Land! Be Our Guest Resturant.

Hollywood Studios: Go To More Animation Galleries!
Hollywood Studios: See the MGM Parade of Characters.
Hollywood Studios: Mama's Melrose Italian Resturant for Lunch again.
Hollywood Studios: Hollywood and Vine for a Character Breakfast.
Hollywood Studios: The Magic Of Disney Animation!
Hollywood Studios: Muppets 3 D again.
Hollywood Studios: Journey Of Narnia.
Hollywood Studios: Voyage Of The Little Mermaid again.
Hollywood Studios: Great Movie Ride again.
Hollywood Studios: Studio Backlot Tour again.
Hollywood Studios: Beauty And The Beast again.
HollywoodStudios: Walt Disney: One Man's Dream.
Hollywood Studios: Fantasmic! again.

Epcot: Mission Space.
Epcot: Nemo and Friends ~ The Living Seas.
Epcot: Talking With Crush ~ The Living Seas.
Epcot: Imagination Pavillion.
Epcot: Honey, I Shrunk The Audience 3D again.
Epcot: Circle Of Life.
Epcot: Spaceship Earth.

World Showcase: Illuminations again!
World Showcase: American Adventure again.
World Showcase: German Pretzel.
World Showcase: Chefs De France for Dinner again.

Visit Boardwalk Inn again.
To Visit the Wilderness Lodge.
To Visit the Polynesian Hotel.
Polynesian : Kona Cafe' for Lunch.
To Visit the Disney Institute.

Animal Kingdom: Go To The Tarzan Show
Animal Kingdom: Go To The Lion King Show.
Animal Kingdom: It's Tough To Be A Bug 3D again!
Animal Kingdom: Jiko's At Animal Kingdom Lodge for Dinner.
Animal Kingdom: Boma's At Animal Kingdom Lodge for Dinner.
Animal Kingdom: Finding Nemo Musical.

Click for New York, New York Forecast

When I Went To New York, These Things I Enjoyed:
First, we were only there for a day.
HooKoosk, New York's Moose Deli & Country Store's Pulled Pork!
I enjoyed the Wheelchair Bathrooms!
I enjoyed the Ice Cream Vending Machines!
I enjoyed the coffee, tea and hot chococolate vending machines!
I enjoyed the sandwich and soup vending machines!
I enjoyed the atmosphere outside the visiting center.

Click for Lancaster, Pennsylvania Forecast

Lancaster, Pennsylvania: Amish Country
Lancaster, Pennsylvania : Another Visiting Center
The Amish Experience
Plain & Fancy Resturant
Dutch Haven Resturant
Good N' Plenty Resturant
Hershey Pennyslvania:
The Hotel Hershey
Hershey~Harrisburg~Carisle Welcome Center

A Must In Lancaster Is The Shoo-Fly Pie!

Click for Nashville, Tennessee Forecast

Knoxville, TennesseeKnoxberry Farm
Nashville, Tennessee
Opry Land, Tennessee
Grand O' Opry Hotel
The Ryman
Country Hall Of Fame

Click for San Antonio, Texas Forecast

My San Antonio!
Texas Highways Gift Shop
Vacation Fun in Texas
Texas Treasure Casino Cruises
Texas State
Texas Parks & Wildlife

Austin Apartment Finder Austin's University Of Texas
Austin 360 Austin Accomodations
Austin Chronicle Newspaper City Of Austin
Austin City Search Best Resturant in Austin
Weather Condition In Austin Digital City Austin
Find A Hotel In Austin Austin Hotels
Local and Entertainment of Austin Austin Entertainment

Guenther House RestuarantThe Oasis on Lake TravisThreadgills
The ArboretumCentral Market on Lamar!The whole street of LAMAR!

Corpus ChristiTexas State Acquaruim
DallasI have a cousin that lives there.
Dripping Springs
Fort Worth
Houston1-800-4HOUSTONMy Cousin lives there!
JonestownMy friend lives there!
Lady Bird Johnson
New Brawnfels
San Antonio Visitor Center
San Marcos
South Padre Island1-800-SOPADRE
Texas City409-643-5990

Events for Texas!
December : Christmas Lights in Zilker Park of Austin.
April : Night In O' San Antonio :Fiesta
June : Texas Folklife Festival

Click for Burlington, Vermont Forecast

Vermont In Texas Blog By My Cousin Pearrin Worrell

Vermont Online!
Vermont Visitor Center
Cold Hollow Cider Mill
My Mom's Side Lives In Vermont!
Billings Farm & Mansion & Museum
Ben & Jerry's Factory!
Cabot Cheese Creamery
Trapp Family Inn
Norwich University
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Hospital
Rutland, Vermont: Hampton Inn
Vermont Life Magazine
Vermont Country StoreFlake Bars

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