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This page will represent "All My Dreams & Wishes" aka Goals before I die List

An * Means : I already accomplished it.

"Austin" : to live there for many reasons:
Better atmosphere, music, food
More accessiblity there for my wheelchair.
More locations for Toastmasters Clubs.
It is close to the country.
To visit the Drag and the Arboritum.

*"Atlanta, Georgia" : To visit the Coca Cola Museum

"American Oriental Express Train" : to ride it from Austin to New England to Burlington, Vermont.

*Been to Vermont :
*To visit my mom's side of the family.
To visit Fauntrappe Lodge.
*To visit Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory.
To See a Blowing Glass Exibit.
*To visit Cold Hollow Cider Mill.
To visit Cabat Cheese Company.
*To eat at Simon Pierce Restuarant.

"Best Friends" : to Spend More Time With.

"Chocolate Cruise" : to go on one, for a week.
"Cross - Stitch Cruise" : to go on one, for a week.

*To stay in a Courtyard Marriot Hotel.

*"Denver, Colorado" : to visit for more than one day.

*To stay in a Double Tree Hotel.

*To go on a Disney Cruise! : October 20 to 27, 2012 on A 7 Night Carribean Cruise!!!!!!
*To go on a Disney Cruise! : December 14 to 21, 2013 on A 7 Night Bahamas Christmas Cruise!!!!!!!

* "Drums" : I played them for a few minutes.

* "Evergreen" : I finally got to smell it in April 2002!

"Freelance Creative Writing" : take a course in it.
Be "Free" of pain.
To live a "Fun-Filled Life" with no fears.
To "Feel Alive" again, like when I was 22 years old.
To play the "Fife".
"Folklore Ventura Guitar" : To learn how to play my guitar.

"Grilling" my own vegtables and fruit, Chicken and Turkey!

* "Horseback Riding"

"Harpsichord" : to play it.

"Hand Glide Sitting Down" : To do it.

"Hot Air Balloon Champaigne Brunch" to do this. "Maybe"
NOTE: I saw a Hot Air Balloon go over my house.

to "House Hunt" for the fun of daydreaming.

* "Ice Skating" from my wheelchair.

*"Ice Sculpturing" : to see a ice sculpture contest. : DID on a Disney Cruise.

"Independant for 3 Months" : Would like as a dream before I die.

"Juggling" : Learn to do it.

* "Kayacked" : I have done this.
NOTE: I Want To Do This Again

"Keyboard Playing" : to Learn how to play.

"Las Vegas" : to Visit for these reasons :
Luxor ~ Excalibur ~ Maxim's ~ Ceasars ~ Golden Nugget
To play Baccarrat ~ Craps ~ Video Poker
Visit the Liberace Museum
Visit the "M" Chocolate Factory
Visit the Tuppaware Showcase Museum
Visit a comedy club ~ enjoy the food ~ enjoy the hotels

"Lumberjack Contest" : To watch. "ON TV" *
To watch Lumberjacks climb logs.
To watch Lumberjacks run on logs,
To watch Lumberjacks chop and saw logs fast.

* Monarch A-1 Hand Controls : Had driven with for 5 years.
To Get Monarch A-1 Hand Controls again : If I had to drive again.
NOTE: If I ever drive again, I want this back for security reasons.

NOTE: "NOT TO BE" : Monatone.

"One Goal" : To make one each and everyday!
even if it is just, brushing my teeth.

"Obedience" : To understand what it is.

*"Ozark Mountains" : To visit.

"Parasail" : To do this. "Maybe"

* "Pennsylvania" : Been to Lancaster and Hershey Chocolate Factory.
NOTE: If I go again, I would like to stay at the Hershey Hotel
and go to the Hershey Park.
and go back to the Hershey Store.

"Run" : To run as free as the wind.

* "Rollerskating" : Did in a wheelchair.

* "Rollerbladding" : Did in a Wheelchair.

* "Skateboarding" : Did on Crutches

"Snowman" : to build one.

"Sandcastles" : to build one or see a sandcastle contest.

"Seatle Washington" : To visit.
To see blown glass stores turned into kitchenware glasses.

* San Diego, California" : Been There.
Went to Horton Plaza Mall.
Went to Jim Croces'West Resturant.
Went on the Coaster "A Commute Train".
Visited University Of California "a Dr. Suess" replica.
Went to La Jolla and saw Real Surfers.

NOTE: To go back to San Diego, California for:
Go back to the Horton Plaza Mall.
Stay in the Westin Hotel.
In Balboa Park : Airspace Museum.
In Balboa Park : Friendship Japaniese Gardens.
In Balboa Park : Model Railroad Museum.
In Balboa Park : Automotive Museum.
In Balboa Park : Art Institute.
In Balboa Park : Lawn Bowling.

"Sabatical" : To have one for a week.

"Switzerland Aromatherapy Spa" : Stay for 2 weeks in luxory.

* "Space Camp" : Been There.

"Steel Guitar" : to play it.

* "Tennessee" , Gallatin Drive : To visit.
NOTE: Reba McEntire grew up there. Now she lives in Tx where I live.
What a co-incidence!

* "Tennis" : Played in a wheelchair as a beginner for 20 years.
NOTE: I won money and trophies!

* "Tennessee" : Went to Nashville and Opry Land USA and Opry House Hotel.
NOTE: Would like to stay at the Opry House Hotel for a weekend.
And to visit the Ryman House.
And to visit the Country Hall Of Fame Museum.

"West Edmonton Mall" and "Fantasyland Hotel" : to visit.
NOTE: This is the Largest Mall in the world!

* "Weston Hotel" : Stayed there in Houston, Texas.

* "Walt Disney Land" : went when I was 14 years old.
* "Walt Disney World" : went in 2001 with dad.
NOTE: I stayed in Port New Orleans hotel.
* "Walt Disney World" : went in 2005 with dad.
NOTE: I stayed in Coronado Springs hotel.
* "Walt Disney Land : California Adventures" : went in 2010 with dad.
NOTE: Want to go back to Walt Disney World : this time at Christmas time!
One day, for a week or 2, I would like to stay at the Grand Floridian Hotel.
If not at the Coronado Springs Hotel again.
To stay in Contemporary Hotel or the Carribean Hotel.
* Walt Disney Cruise to the Carrabeans 2012 @ Halloween Time!
* Walt Disney Cruise to the Bahamas 2013 @ Christmas Time!

* "Washington, D.C." : Went there for the following.
Went to The Smithsonian Air And Space Musuem.
Went to The Smithsonian National History Museum,
where they had Martina Navratilova's Tennis Racquets and Wizard Of Oz Red Slippers.

"White Water Rafting" : Would like to do.

"Xylophone" : to Play it.

I would like to MAKE IT in this World I Live In,

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